Sunday, October 25, 2009


Our three Intrepid Kings teams fighted bravely again -_- alas both u1800 and u2000 teams lost their ticket to the playoffs in the very last game of the very last round ... Sigh. Something wrong with the Gods again. Cytrus was rewarded with the Game of the Week u2000 distinction , thanks to a Tal masterpiece. You can see it at :

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Hullo !

Wow ! Opening a blog is easier than I thought ! Maybe we can make some good use of this.

T 39 is starting today. We have three Intrepid Kings team , u2000, u1800, and u1600 (our first attempt in this section). 

 I wish everyone good luck for their games. Note to new members (as well as older members) : 
don't forget to message your captain (that is either me or cytrus) before the start of each round if you won't be able to play ( or find it difficult). This is very important. Each round starts on Tuesday 19:00, so that is the deadline for opting out .